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originally sent on the group email

We get a few email requests for ride-outs,

pub meets and other social events however we were hoping that other members could suggest some of events. If you have a ride–out or other social event please mention it on the forums as these are copied to the group mail. All events posted, regardless of whether it had

  • Lots of interest - many turn up
  • Lots of interest – no one turns up
  • No interest - many turn up
  • No interest – no one turns up

gives us all more options on how to spend our biking leisure time. Also these events can be organised locally. Ride-outs can probably be organised with 24 hours notice. (Example: Hi all, I will be riding from Boxhill to Brighton this weekend if it does not rain).

However other social events may require a lot more details and lead time to get lots of interest and many people to turn up. Ideally you should be going on the event regardless of other members turning up. The racers invite members to the races and will race whether members turn up or not. However members many turn up if they are fully informed of:

  • Date (obviously) and timetable of the event from start to end
  • Description of event,
  • Location and directions to event
  • Cost actual and hidden of the event
  • Who and how to pay (if any)
  • Your contact details
  • Etc.

and it helps if members know you. Therefore turn up at other club meets and events. Contact if you would like the club to get “officially” behind the event.  Please do not take it personally if you suggest an event and it gets no interest and no one turns up. It happens and we do not know why, even this email may or may not prompt loads of events from members. In the interest of relevancy, there is no need to inform the club forums if you cannot attend an event unless it is significant.

However at the moment Go Star Racing club currently have more events per months than ever before so hopefully we are doing something right. If you do have a good event and more than 3 GSR members turned up then please send me a write up and pictures and it may be published.



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