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Go Star Email Accounts


As part of membership of Go Star Racing club, we provide email accounts to members who require a stable email account not tied in to your work or internet service provider's account. You also have a cool sounding email address. 

The email account can be accessed via a web browser (any computer with internet access) or with an email program (e.g. Outlook). Contact Us for more details.

If you already have an email account with us click here to access it. You will need your username and password.

click here for instructions on Setting up your email account

Group emails

All new members are subscribed to a group email. Please observe the following rules for there use.

  • The group email is not a chat room.
    Please use individual emails (or chat room/email) for all friendly banter. People do not need to find a long list of emails when they get to their computers. It diminishes the value of the Go Star Racing group email.
  • The group email should only be used to requests information from the group or to inform the group on topics that have a general appeal, use your discretion.
    If you are looking for a spanner or you are planning a ride-out for the weekend, there is no need for everyone in the group to flood the mailing list with multiply response as some people are busy and cannot read multiple replies on the same issues.
  • All replies should be sent to the person requesting the information or proposing a ride out and NOT the group.
    If you have the spanner or you are interested in the ride out, then tell the person, not the group. The person requesting the information can then update the group on the progress of the request for information or ride out. Example "thanks but I have a spanner now supplied by member X" or "the directions to the ride-out are...."
  • Finalise the request for information etc
    If you start an issue using the group email and it has been resolved, please notify the group that the issue has been resolved with summary of how it was sorted.
  • Please watch your language.
    We will not tolerate bad language, sarcasm's, fighting disrespectful behaviour etc between members on the group email.
  • Use the Forums
    If you would like to start a public debate use the online forums and NOT the group email. The club also encourage member that enjoy online banter to join in the members only club forum. You can have the choice of
    • having all the banter emailed to you one at a time
    • having all the banter emailed to you once a day in a single email
    • having all the banter viewed and responded to online

click here to join (members only)

These rules are for the benefit of everyone in Go Star. Without these rules the group email WILL degrade into a chat room chaos as seen on the numerous UN-moderated online chat rooms. The banter is FUN so join the the club's members only banter forum by clicking here. members only.




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