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General member rules

Click here for Official Club Rules

Short Version

We are not a biker gang and we have sponsors and racers, as well as the clubs image to respect therefore, will will not be happy with

  • criminal activity
  • Reckless and mental riding on the roads (nutters). Leave it to the race tracks.
  • Generally being out of order within the club.
  • huh you get the point.

and I will add more when I think of them and when the need arises. You will be chucked out.

Official Club Rules

  1. All activities and events must be carried out in the best interest of Go Star Racing 
  2. Hereafter in this document "Go Star Racing" shall be referred to as "Go Star". 
  3. Go Star shall be run by a Board of Directors 
  4. All members should behave in a reasonable and lawful manner at all times.
  5. Club members meeting shall be held on an informal basis as and when agreed and shall be open to all types of members.
  6. Any new officers, management posts within Go Star shall be created by the board of Directors as deemed necessary.
  7. Membership to Go Star shall be in the designated forms: 
    1. Standard members.
      Standard member shall be a person who pays an initial subscription of £10 in order to receive the benefits as defined in Membership Benefits
    2. Racers.
      A Racer shall be a person who pays an initial subscription of £30 in order to receive additional benefits.
    3. Sponsors.
      A sponsor" shall be a member having been granted automatic membership by virtue of financial donations given for the benefit of Go Star Racing Team or Club 
  8. The Directors by majority decision shall have exclusive rights to refuse membership of any type without reason.
  9. Refunds or payments of any subscription shall be at the sole discretion of the Directors. 
  10. The Directors shall have the right to revoke membership for any conduct in breach of rule 8 above. 
  11. Racers are required to display a Go-Star racing logo, and all team sponsors logo’s on their race bike.


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