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Pre Race or Track day Checklist
by Sean Onipede

ll racers (or track day riders) should use this checklist to go over their bike before races or track days. The racetrack stresses your bike to limits unachievable on the roads. This makes your bike's condition more critical. Equipment that you may take for granted on the road must be in perfect condition on the track. This checklist should make your riding experience safer. Print a copy before your go to the track

  • Tyres 
    • must be in good to new condition. 
    • right tyre pressure
    • match the conditions on the track
    • They must not be
      • squared off
      • old and brittle
      • wrong size
  • Wheels
    • must be properly balanced
    • in line, front to back
    • and all nuts and bolts tightened
  • Chain and Sprockets 
    • check condition and adjust slack.
    • check soft link (or clip-type master {split} link)
    • make sure sprockets are secure and not excessively worn
  • Fluids
    • Check engine (and transmission) oil levels
    • Fork oil
    • Chain lube
    • Engine coolant
    • brake fluid
    • Enough fuel in the tank
  • Suspension
    • must not leak (bad forks seal or pitted stanchions)
    • should travel smoothly
    • check and adjust for the track
      • should not be too hard or soft (preload)
      • should not top out or bottom out (preload and damping)
      • not be too fast or too slow (damping)
  • Brakes
    • check brake pad material thickness
    • makes sure disc are clean and not warped
    • make sure bike can stop with control
  • General
    • check that the bike is in good nick (all nuts and bolts, bodywork, frame, seat, etc)
    • you must be comfortable and with proper clothing
    • all controls and levers are properly adjusted and not sticking
    • you know your bike best,  now check your own checklist as well.

The purpose of this list is to give you more confidence in your equipment and allow you to have a safer time on the track.



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