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This is a guide to assist you in using their Go Star Racing email account.

Getting Started
Configuring Email Programs
Outlook Express

Getting Started

To access your online mail interface, go to The online mail interface allows you to set up e-mail accounts and check your e-mail messages from almost any computer with Internet access.

When you bring up the mail interface, you will need to type the username (<yourname> and password (***** (localhost)) for the account from which you wish to retrieve mail. After you log on, you will be able to access all the functions of the account.

Online help provided.

Configuring Email Programs

Configuring e-mail settings may be different from program to program, but all e-mail programs require the same basic information. This page lists the different items required by most e-mail programs, and their proper configuration. If you have difficulty trying to figure out how to configure your particular software, please consult the documentation that came with that program or contact the software manufacturer. 

POP mail 

Some e-mail programs (ie MS Outlook or Netscape Messanger) can check other types of e-mail boxes as well as POP. If your program asks you which type of e-mail box you are using, select the option for POP3 e-mail. POP e-mail is already the default for most programs.

Address, Return Address, Reply-To Address

This is similar to the return address on a postal letter. Enter the e-mail address of your account here. (Example: <yourname>

UserID, popID, Username

Your username is your email address at Go Star Racing. ie <yourname> 


Enter the password associated with your POP e-mail box. Some programs do not ask for the password until you check your mail. 

POP Server Name, Incoming Server Name

Enter "" for the POP server name.

SMTP Server Name, Outgoing Server Name

Enter "" for the POP server name.

Important: Due to anti-spam measures, you must check your account properties and ensure your reply address field is filled in i.e. <yourname>

Outlook Express

This section describes how to configure Outlook Express to access your POP e-mail box. With Outlook Express, you can setup additional mail accounts for every mailbox from which you need to retrieve mail.

  1. From the Tools menu, select Accounts.

  2. You will see a listing of all the different accounts that you have Outlook Express configured to use. Click Add and select Mail to add a new e-mail account.

  3. The Account Wizard will guide you from this point. Throughout the process, you will be prompted for the following information:
    E-mail address <yourname>
    Type of mail server pop3
    Incoming mail server
    Outgoing mail server
    user name <yourname>
    Password your password


When someone sends you an email message it travels to your Go Star Racing email account, which holds it on an email server until your email software (e.g. Outlook) fetches it or you retrieve it via a web browser. Your email inbox gradually accumulates messages, however, your email account limits you to 5mb of of email space to store the emails you receive.

This may be a problem if you frequently receive large files, and your email software does not delete retrieved email from your email accounts server automatically. Your Go Star racing account will reject email messages if you exceed your 5 mb storage limit. You may receive a warning.

In Outlook Exprees and Outlook 2000

Click Tool, Accounts and select your Go Star Racing account. Click Properties, Advanced and alter the delivery settings to suit yourself. Ensure that messages are deleted immediately after retrieval or after a period of time.




Set up your email account
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