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your club NEEDS YOU

We have listed below just a few area within the club that we have identified at past club general meeting as things we would like to do but have not gotten the manpower to do yet.

If you have spare time and are willing to help our non profit club grow and achieve its objectives then please contact us at It is unpaid work but there are no obligations, simply do as much as you can and it will look good on your Curriculum Vitae (CV).

You do NOT have to be a biker but you would have to be a member of our club (Join Here) and be able to attend a few General Meetings to coordinate with other club volunteers.

Members can click here to see lots more details of the below vacancies.

Public Relations (Media)
We need someone to help promote the club via the press.

Public Relations (Businesses)
We need someone to contact businesses that we can do mutual promotions with.

Club Admin
Keep track of club members and issue membership cards and stuff. Like

We need someone to contact businesses and ask for money, basically.

Race Team Support
A lot of people would like to help out the race team. We would like to gather all those that would like to help the race team together so that they have actual roles that are of benefit to the racers.

any other suggestions or help you can offer gratefully accepted

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