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Thinking of having a go at motorcycle racing......
By Chris Martin

We get a lot of requests on how to start racing. Here is a Go Star racing guide on how, where and who to go to start your racing career.

Are you thinking of racing?
If so before you start, why not talk to other racers. You can have a chat with some of our club racers or you may be able to meet other racers at race meets, they are all very friendly and approachable, especially if you offer to but them a beer ! A quick chat with another racer can save you hours on the internet. This should be the first thing you do. The rest of this page is only a rough guide.

How fast do you have to be to start racing?
All sorts of rider capabilities race motorcycles. However Go Star racing suggest that you go on a few track days before you start racing to ensure that you are used to the race tracks and prevent you from being overawed by it all. From 2003 you now have to attend an ACU approved race school before you can obtain a novice licence. This is basically an assessment of your ability to make sure you will be safe on the track.

Ok I am up for it what next?
Decide where you would like to race and in what series. See the ACU website for list of race series. Most of our members race in either the
BMCRC & MRO,  New Era MCC or Derby Phoenix MCC.

Contact the race series and they should provide you with an ACU licence application form as well as an application form to their race series. Fill in the forms, have an eye test done and send all the forms back to the race series organisation including your licence application and race school certificate. They need the club stamp put on them, they will then forward them on for you to the ACU.

What’s the best class to start racing in as a novice?
What ever bike you can afford and are familiar with. You may have some restrictions on which bike depending on your age or if you do not have a category "A" road driving licence. Most classes (not all) are based on road bikes. See the race series organisation for the different classes and a description of them, as they may vary. Also factor in the cost of transporting and maintaining the bike, entry fees, fuel and clothing. when choosing a bike class or series.

What ever class of racing you decide make full use of the ACU hand book. It may look a bit boring and technical but it will help make sure your bike and you meet the required rules. You don't want to turn up at a race meeting only to be refused entry on some technical issue and again don't be afraid to ask for help.

I have sorted out the paperwork, got a bike and I know where I want to race, what next?
At this point you will probably be very excited. Why not link up with other racers for support, they can help with things like making sure your bike will be up to spec for scrutineering etc. This is where Go Star Racing comes into play. You can join us and you can then meet our other racers who have varying levels of experience and co-ordinate who brings the tea bags on race weeks, organise track day and practice days together. Also you may be eligible for discounts on race product secured by our club.

Remember to take things easy at your first meeting, you don't want to get noticed for all the reasons....crashing !

Take your time to learn and expect to take the first half the season to get familiar with things but most of all have fun.

If you have any questions then please e-mail us, we will be pleased to help

Chris Martin



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